- Colour Doppler Siemens Accuson Juniper
- multifrequent probes: linear (2.9-11.5 MHz), linear (4-16 MHz) i convex (1.4-5 MHz)
- for examination of diseases of large and medium sized arteries of the arms, legs, neck and abdomen, as well as the soft tissues and muscles of the arms and legs.

Digital Photopletismography (PPG): 

Hadeco Smartdop 50EX
- the method uses infrared rays for examination of micro-circulation(small arteries and capillaries of the palms of hand and soles of feet)

Continuous Wave Doppler (CW):
Vasculascope 820
- ultrasound method for examination of the quality of arterial and venous circulation
- measures the value of Doppler index and segmental pressures 

All scanning methods are painless and safe for all categories of patients.